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Make you or your friends’ eyebrows dance to music!!!

Study shows that only  35% of the public can  move their eyebrows  independently. Within this group just 18% are “fully  eyebrow ambidextrous”. Whether you are among those 18% of the population or not, you can create an eyebrow dance experience from a photo of you or your friends’. Watch the eyebrows dance to the music and have a good laugh among friends. This is the App for you!

Picking from your photo library or taking a new photo, let the app give you a new fun pair of eyebrows from our custom collection of cartoon eyebrows. Select a soundtrack to match your mood from our collection of varied musical pieces. Lastly hit “play” and let your eyebrows dance to the beat. To enjoy the festive Christmas season, try on Santa’s white eyebrows and get into the spirit of the holiday! You can also email eyebrow dance photos to your friends so they can share the fun no matter where they are.

Included in the App are 22 pairs of custom cartoon eyebrows and 8 original soundtracks. For a very low price you can have a lot of fun showing off your new funky eyebrow moves to all your friends, this is the app for you!

Eyebrow Dance – Screenshots and Video


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